How to replace rotary cutter blade

How to Replace Rotary Cutter Blade

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My today’s issue is how to replace rotary cutter blade properly. By default, most rotary cutter blades are not intended to be sharpened once they get blunt. You simply replace it with a new blade, which makes sense to choose an excellent blade that doesn’t get blunt after a few cuts. There are titanium blades that perform reasonably well and last long, but even those will need to be replaced at some point.

In this article, I will guide you through the process of removing and replacing a rotary cutter blade, more so the Fiskars rotary cutter blade. My focus on Fiskars is because this is the most popular brand and that most other brands are pretty similar. The procedure for removing and replacing the rotary cutter blades is mostly the same.

How to do you remove the blade from a Fiskars rotary cutter?

Even if the blade is blunt and doesn’t cut efficiently, it can still be sharp enough to cause injuries. Wearing cut-resistant gloves will go a long way in protecting from cuts when removing the blade. If you don’t have safety gloves, you can still avoid injuries by being cautious. The following tips come in handy when changing the rotary blade.

Tips to changing a rotary blade cutter safely

  1. Always set the guard in place before removing the blade. This is done by retracting the blade.
  2. Never try to feel the blade edge for sharpness- if you wouldn’t do that anyway, don’t let a child try it.
  3. Always discard the spent blade in the packaging it came in. This helps avoid injury to people who handle the waste, or even children in your household.
  4. Handle the new blade with extreme care as it is sharper than the dull one.

Steps to remove the blade from the Fiskars rotary cutter:

Step-1. Take the rotary cutter in your left hand (right hand for left-handed people), and place your index finger against the center button. This button will usually have a ‘45mm’ written on it if the cutter is 45mm.

Step-2. Flip the cutter to bring the bolt side up.

Step-3. Turn the bolt in an anticlockwise direction to unscrew it. The bolt moves alongside the curved disk (washer). Remove both and put them aside.

Step-4. Flip the cutter again and this time, remove the button with the ‘45mm’ marking on it.

Step-5. At this point, the blade is free and can be lifted off the cutter.

How do you replace Fiskars rotary cutter blade?

Once you have successfully removed the dull blade with no incidences, it’s time to put the new one- not so fast. First, inspect the guard for any accumulated gunk. The gunk usually accumulates under the safety guard. Remove the guard and purge the debris. The following steps will get you through replacing the rotary cutter blade.

Steps to replacing the Fiskars rotary cutter blade:

Step-1. Set the safety shield back onto the rotary cutter.

Step-2. Place the new blade on the safety shield, ensuring you do not touch the sharp edge. Also, ensure the center holes of both the guard and the blade coincide.

Step-3. Insert the bolt stem through the center hole on the new blade and the rotary cutter.

Step-4. Back up the bolt with your index finger and then flip the cutter.

Step-5. Insert the curved disc onto the protruding bolt stem, ensuring the curved side is on the side of the cutter.

Step-6. Screw the bolt in by turning it in a clockwise direction with your fingers. Your fingers are sufficient for the job. You do not want to tighten it so much that the blade doesn’t turn, neither do you want to leave it loose; otherwise, the blade will wobble during cutting.

If you don’t have the storage case for the spent blade, put the blade in the case that came with the new baled.

You can then dispose of it appropriately or send it to recyclers.

How do you replace Fiskars rotary paper cutter blade?

A rotary paper cutter works similarly to a rotary fabric cutter, only that this time, the blade is suited to cut through paper. It is also known as a paper trimmer, an ideal guillotine for cutting larger pieces of paper that can’t fit in the ordinary paper guillotine. If your project involves larger-than-usual photographs or posters, you should get one of these paper trimmers.

As with the rotary fabric cutter blades, a Fiskars rotary paper cutter blade will eventually become dull, necessitating a replacement. Here are the steps to replacing the paper cutter blade:

  1. Push the sliding cutter carriage down towards the removal groove.
  2. As you near the groove, the slider will release from the rail. Pull the blade up, and it will come out.

To replace the cutter, follow these steps:

  1. Place the new blade onto the carriage
  2. Slide the carriage up the rail as you apply gentle pressure.

Rotary paper cutters are as sharp as fabric blades- handle them with as much care, and dispose of them properly.

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Changing a rotary blade cutter is a straightforward task, yet one that needs precaution. As simple as the above steps may seem, remember to always be mindful when dealing with the blades. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way after sustaining several minor cuts.

Finally, remember to always check the blade size for your cutter before buying a replacement!

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