How to clean cutting mat

How to Clean Cutting mat

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Hello, sewing fact lover! Today I’ll present how to clean cutting mate easily. I spend a lot of time in my quilting room doing a lot of cutting and sewing. My rotary cutter blades run along with the fabric and the mat itself. As the blade rolls across, cut marks are left on the mat. Fibers from fabrics get trapped in those cuts.

Working on such a mat isn’t fun at all. Not only does it push the fibers further into the mat, but it also makes making a clean cut hard! That is why I love doing some routine maintenance in my quilting room. This article will guide you on cleaning your cutting mat, so you get the best from it.

How to clean silhouette cutting mat

Silhouette cutting mats are made of rubber designed to stick onto your work surface when cutting out fabric. You will find that a dirty silhouette mat tends to lose its stickiness, thus losing its intended purpose. The solution to extending the mats’ life is by cleaning. Follow these steps to get that dirt off your silhouette cutting mat: –

The procedure of cleaning silhouette cutting mat

Follow these steps to clean:

Place the cutting mat on a smooth and sturdy surface

The first step is ensuring the mat is on a smooth surface for easy cleaning.

Use a lint roller to remove bits of fabric.

If there’s too much fuzz on your mat, then a lint roller is the best in getting that loose mess off your cutting mat. Using a lint roller is simple and can be done every day to prevent the buildup of too much mess on your mat. Just take your lint roller and run it across the mat. As it rolls, it removes dust and fibers stuck on your mat.

Use baby wipes to wipe off your mat.

Baby wipes are wet, and light is a great option since there are chemical-free options available in the market. Wipethe dirt off the cutting mats’ surface. Alcohol-based wipes and adhesive wipes are not suitable for your mat and you should stay off them.

Fill your sink or basin with some warm soapy water

Fill a basin with water. The water should not be hot to reduce the risk of shrinking and warping the mat. The soap you use should be lotion-free to maintain the stickiness of the mat.

Use Goo-Gone for tough stains.

Before using Goo-Gone on your mat, read through the manufacturer’s directions carefully. Drizzle, then spread the remover onto the surface of your mat and leave it to sit for a while. If it is the first time you are using the remover on your mat, then 20 to 30 minutes is enough time to let it sit. Use a scraper, cloth, or paper towel to scrape or wipe the dirt off your mat.

Wash off and rinse your mat

Wash off and rinse the mat with some water and soap. Scrub off the mat till there are no residue bits left on the mat.

Air-dry your mat

Hang your mat out in the open to dry. Using towels may return the fuzz on it, so leave it to air dry.

How to clean a rotary cutting mat

Fleece and batting can be tough on your mat. You can’t just wipe off these fibers with a rag as it won’t get to those stuck in between cuts, and you still won’t get those precise cuts when working on them. Here is how you clean your mat.

  1. Lay your fiber-embedded cutting mat onto a flat surface.
  2. Remove the excess fuzz with an eraser. I like using the eraser because it is easier and faster.
  3. Keep rubbing your mat with the eraser to remove as much fiber debris as possible.
  4. If you want your cutting mat to have that new look, take some lukewarm soapy water- the detergent should be mild- and pour a little of it onto the mat to form lather.
  5. Take a soft toothbrush and gently scrub the surface of your mat. This helps get rid of any stains that may have formed on your mat.
  6. Once done, rinse the mat with a piece of cotton wool, and you will have a nice and clean rotary cutting mat you will enjoy using.

How to clean an Olfa cutting mat

Olfa cutting mat is a self-healing mat that closes up when cuts are made on it. Here is how to care for your Olfa cutting mat:

Remove the loose threads on the mat

Loose threads will have stuck on your Olfa mat, and you should use a scrubber brush to clean them off your mat. Do not, however, scrub too hard. A soft scrub will be effective in removing the threads.

Mixing the cleaning solution

Now that you have no loose threads lying on your mat, prepare a dish soap, water, and vinegar solution to moisturize the mat. Take a large container and fill it with ¼ cup vinegar for every gallon of water you pour in the container. The water used should be cool.

Soak and clean

Next, submerge the mat into the water mixture and let it soak for up to 20 minutes. You can then add up some dish soap into the water then scrub the mat gently. This solution helps eliminate odors that may linger on your mat.

Dry the mat

You should not dry the Olfa mat in the dryer to prevent it from warping. Wiping it dry with cotton wool or allowing it to air-dry under a shade are the best options.

Video: How to Clean Cutting mat and Maintenance it.

How to clean Fiskars cutting mat

Cleaning a Fiskars cutting mat is like cleaning any rotary cutting mat. A soft brush to help create lather on your mat and some water is all you will need to have a bring back life to your cutting mat.

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Tips when cleaning rotary cutting mats

These tips ensure you take proper care of your cutting mat when cleaning it to prevent premature damage, often caused by mishandling.

  • Do not hang your mat under direct sunlight. This will ensure your mat doesn’t warp.
  • Do not use hot water to clean your mat.
  • Don’t just use any pencil eraser to rub off fuzz on your mat. A white eraser works best.
  • Do not wait for long to clean off coffee spills on your mat.
  • Create a timetable routine and create a cleaning schedule.
  • Rinse off your mat well with cool water.
  • Always use a gentle soap.
  • You can create a DIY paste to clean your mat. A paste mixture of vegetable oil and baking soda (2:3) spread on the mat works like magic!


Caring for your mat is essential. It saves you a lot of time and money that you would otherwise spend on getting a replacement. So roll up your sleeves and clean that cutting mat so, you use it in your quilting projects for a pretty long time.

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