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10 Best Quilting Patterns Reviewed 2021 to Buy.

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Whether you are an advanced quilter or just have started out embracing the world of quitting, choosing the best quilting patterns sometimes can be overwhelming.

There are many patterns out there on the market, from simple ones to advanced ones. Getting the right one for your needs depends on many factors. For example: What do you need your quilt for? Have you ever used quilt patterns? How easy is it to use a quilt pattern?

There is a lot at stake, most especially if you are starting out. However, whether you are looking for an easy, durable with explicit instruction and, of course, value for money patterns, then this article has explained it all.

You will get excited to learn more about quilting patterns with a simple and yet practical guide. Continue reading and start buying your quilting patterns at once.

What is a Quilt Pattern?

A quilt pattern is a booklet that guides you on the pattern designs you want to make or can make through your quilting projects. Whether you are a beginner or advanced quilter, having a pattern to follow can make your work easy and creative too.

What Supplies do you Need for Your First pattern Quilt?

If you are starting out, you just need essential basics for your quilt pattern. These include pins, rulers, scissors or rotary cutters, fabric, quilt batting, basic sewing supplies, and iron. As you get more advanced, you will find more and more and more fantastic and fun accessories to add to your quilting needs.

How to make the Best Quilts Pattern

Whether you are advanced or a beginner in the quilting world, you can be overwhelmed by all the cutting and sewing steps. This is why we have found it crucial to talk a little more about making a quilt before we go to patterns.

So, generally, you can make your quilts from a patchwork top layer, the middle layer of warm batting, and a button layer of backing fabric. So, let’s see the below patterns, which will help you cut and sew fabulous quilt tops.

Start by choosing the pattern you want for your quilt. Don’t worry about any expense at this time, as you can easily find free and easy patterns to choose from.

Choose your beautiful fabric, ideally high-quality quilting cotton, that will work best with your project.

Start cutting your fabric pieces using your preferred tools like mats, ruler, and rotary cutter, following your pattern instructions.

Start sewing your fabrics using your pattern instructions, making sure you sew an accurate ¼ seam allowance.

Once done, I mean finishing the top, add your batting layer and the quilt back.

On this step, use free motion foot or walking foot for quilting through all layers of your quilt sandwich.

After you have finished quilting, trim all the layers to become square, and even then, sew on binding to encase the edges.

10 Best Quilting Patterns Reviewed for This Year

Whether you are doing a machine quilt or handmade one, you’ll be impressed to create a gift or a cosy dress. More so, making one with impeccable quilting patterns will be easy and more comfortable. Take a look at these 10 best quilting patterns we have sampled for you, all doable and buy once. 

1. Fabric Cafe Quick Quilts Pattern

Fabric cafe quick quilts pattern is great for sewing, quilting and other crafting projects. The fabric is 100% cotton and measures 44 inches wide.

The pattern book is incredible with 8 original quilt designs that are not only quick but also easy. You will find all the charms in this new book to make each pattern from queen/king quilt, to a lap quilt, and twin quilt.

Also, you get instructions to enlarge and more quilts to make within 3 yards.  You will be incredibly amazed with the pattern quilt which is not only visually, easy and simply pleasing but will work up quickly in a variety of fabric combinations.

You will get the right fabulous recipe, whether dark, medium or light values placed cleverly for maximum impact. The patterns are simple enough for a beginner and for those who donate quilts to various organizations.

The pattern book price is great, very clear and has a great selection on what fabrics to cut with sizes and how to put them together. This pattern book is an excellent one to miss out.

Notable features

  • Dimensions – 8.51 by 0.14 by 11.01 inches
  • Weight – 3.66 ounces
  • Material – cotton


  • Easy to use
  • Fast quilts
  • Well written
  • Great selection
  • Very clear
  • Durable


  • Few patterns

2. Sew by row Quilt Patterns

Sew by row quilt pattern is an awesome book which is very easy for beginners and with impeccable instructions. You can customize your quilt project in any way you want as the book has blocks that you can arrange in very many different ways.

The incredible patterns in this book can be mixed and matched for any number of projects. The patterns are user friendly and an excellent quality quilt pattern book with a finished size of 74 by 85 inches.

The colors are perfect and the design is awesome plus You will love the good patterns with pictures and directions that are clear to understand.

The patterns are really cute, with well written instructions for a fun quilt sewing themed quilts.

Notable features

  • Dimensions – 10.7 by 8.2 by 0.2 inches
  • Weight – 8 ounces
  • Size – 74 by 85 inches


  • Easy to use
  • Clear instructions
  • Easy for beginners
  • Adorable designs
  • Amazing size
  • Well written
  • Durable


  • A bit thicker
  • No information about embroidering the cords on the iron

3. Fabric Cafe Quilts Jiffy 3-Yard Quilt Pattern Book

Fabric cafe 3-yard pattern book has 8 different original fast to make quilt designs that are not only quick to make but easy too. You will find exceptional secrets to making each pattern into a queen or king size quilt, into a lap and a twin quilt.

This pattern book gives you clear instructions (good enough for a beginner to understand and start easily) to make a quilt with only 3 yards of fabric quilt patterns. You can make lap quilts for perfect sizes, hospice and attractive patterns without taking hours to create a stunning quilt.

The pattern book is pocket friendly and you will love the fast and soft delivery once you order.

Notable features

  • Dimensions – 11 by 8.5 by 0.15 inches
  • Weight – 3.52 ounces
  • Type – pieced


  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Clear instruction
  • Well written
  • Incredible designs
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Less content than expected

4. My Kinda Town Quilt Pattern

My kinda town quilt pattern has 9 whimsical paper pieces of blocks and the pattern is designed in a town setting. The pattern features a full-sized pattern (42 by 54 inches) plus clear and complete instructions for the quilt.

However, this beautiful pattern is not recommendable for anyone who has never paper pieced before. You will have a hard time. If you have always wanted to build things and fabric is your first medium for creative efforts then with kinda town, you will craft a town to your liking.

It is quick and fun too with a nice foundation piecing. Also, if it is your first paper piecing project, you can watch some YouTube channels for this technique and the patterns are well rendered.

You can also resize it to about 60% to be a smaller wall hanging. The instructions are clear and if you follow correctly, everything will go together correctly.

Notable features

  • Dimensions – 11 by 8.5 by o.5 inches
  • Weight – 6.4 ounces
  • Size – 42 by 54


  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Clear instructions
  • Excellent design
  • Easy to copy
  • Value for money


  • Heavy
  • Need extra experience

5. Elizabeth Hartman Dinosaur Quilt Pattern

The Elizabeth Hartman dinosaur quilt pattern is a patchwork sampler pattern. This incredible pattern features various blocks including triceratops, stegosaurus blocks etc.

You will love the fact that it is made of rectangular and square pieces sewn together using conventional patchwork techniques. There is no paper piecing or template.  The pattern includes two quilt sizes which can be made using fat quarters.

Organizing is important since each dinosaur requires multiple pieces. Accurate cutting and seaming is also crucial but the results are worth the time.

Notable features

  • Dimensions – 5.5 by 8.75 by o.15 inches
  • Weight – 5.3 ounces


  • Durability
  • Value for money
  • Perfect design
  • Easy to follow
  • Well written


  • Challenging pattern

6. Long-Time gone Quilt Pattern

Long-time gone quilt pattern, it’s a well written pattern book with no applique  and written for machine piecing. The quilt measures 169 by 171.5 cm. It both suits intermediate as well as advanced levels.

The pattern provides one block for template patterns and a common angle in that if you have triangle rulers, they no need to use the paper patterns. The book has a lot of visuals and details that will help in completing blocks.

The directions are clear enough and there are good pictures in the book to make your awesome quilting projects easy and successful.

The pattern came as advertised so this is a must do pattern for all your quilting.

Notable features

  • Dimensions – 10.39 by 8.31 by 0.31 inches
  • Weight – 3.2 ounces
  • Size – 169 by 171.5 cm


  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Clear instructions
  • Intact
  • User friendly


  • Expensive

7. Ge Designs Stripology Mixology 2 Pattern

Ge designs stripology mixology 2 pattern is your way to go for all your quilting. Because let’s face it, quilting can be as rewarding as it is stressful. However, with this book nothing will go wrong.

The book contains 13 excellent original quilts all made from pre-cuts and 13 mouth-watering cocktails drinks to unwind yourself with.

This incredible book includes beautiful quilts made from 10, 5 and 21/2 respectively plus additional inspiration on how to cut and curate your own pre-cuts.

You will also find full color instructions in the 84-page book for using all three stripology regular rulers or rulers.

Notable features

  • Dimensions – 8.45 by 10.95 by 0.2 inches.
  • Weight – 6 ounces


  • Easy to understand
  • Durability
  • Value for money
  • Impeccable designs’
  • Quality patterns
  • Clearly written


  • Not for beginners

8. Jen Kingwell Designs Gypsy Wife Booklet Pattern

Whether a beginner or most advanced sewer, jenkingwell designs gypsy wife booklet pattern is a must have. The patterns are incredible however, fabrics are not included.

The pattern is completely different from the common quilt in a day quilt patterns that are the most common today and suitable for a beginner and there is so much you can do with its colorwise.

You can make a copy of the picture of the completed quilt on the pattern and then take a pencil and mark and label the different sections. It is an easy quilt to make if you do it in sections.

For instance, be attentive and make sure that the background strips match from top to bottom. If your third background strip is blue, confirm that the blue strip is that the third one is from the highest to bottom of the quilt. Continue with the same procedure.

Notable features

  • Dimensions – 11 by 0.25 by 8.5 inches
  • Weight – 1.6 ounces 


  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Beginner friendly
  • Value for money
  • Simple patterns
  • Clearly written


  • Too little

9. Violet Craft Abstractns elephant Abstractions Pattern

Violet craft abstractns elephant abstractions patterns have 17 double sided 11 by 17 pages that are double sided and with a lot of pieces.

While the pattern does come double sided on odd size paper, you can get it copied and reprinted single paper on 11 by 17 size. Also, you can get nervous if you have never done a paper pieced quilt before, however, once you get into it, you won’t stop sewing.

You can custom create the back of the quilt and leave it at a larger size using leftover fabric from the front to make the border.

To quilt the whole thing together, you can simply freehand stitch the elephant on the back fabric. You will love the outcome.

Notable features

  • Dimensions – 13 by 0.25 by 9.5 inches
  • Weight – 7.3 ounces
  • Size – 54 by 60


  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Double sided page
  • Fun pattern
  • Stunning design
  • Clear pattern
  • Clear instructions


  • Looks complicated for beginners

10. Tradewinds Quilt Pattern

Tradewinds quilt pattern comes with very easy instructions, good pictures and it is pretty straight forward. You can use it to build a panel and the ease with which the blocks will be set will be perfect.

It is a reliable cozy quilt pattern, easy to follow and with impeccable results.  Also, you can easily use up scraps with it or stick to a color scheme for a classier look.

The pattern makes use of the strip tube ruler and 2 ½ inch strips. In addition, you will love this unique pattern which is a great product and gives you desirable services.

The pattern features 5 finished size options which include: Queen, wall hanging, twin, king and throw.

Notable features

  • Dimensions – 9.8 by 5.8 by 0.1 inches
  • Weight – 0.32 ounces


  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Great designs
  • Easy instructions


  • Not for beginners

How to Choose the Best Quilting Patterns (Buying Guide)

The market is full of top quilt patterns, best beginner quilt patterns, best quilt patterns for large print patterns, and best-loved quilt patterns. The best trick you can use is to choose one that suits your needs.

Here are some helpful buying guides to help you choose the right one.


When it comes to choosing a pattern, choose one that comes with a lot of pictures and step-by-step instructions to take you through your process. Even better, if you choose ones that include video tutorials, they will show you practically what to do or how to do it.

Go for shapes that are not complicated

Simple shapes are your way to go most especially if you are a beginner. This will help you gain your confidence in quilting and, at the same time, learning. That said, the easiest and best quilt patterns are those made of rectangular and square shapes. This is so because they are easy to cut and sew, and you need not worry about bias edges and curves.

Choose patterns that are large patchwork pieces

Because it is easier and faster to sew on pattern quilts made from large patchwork pieces than ones that are made using a lot of small pieces. This is why – if you use the large pieces, you will use fewer points to match and few seams to sew.

Buy pre-cuts fabrics

You will find a lot of quilt patterns with exceptional designs to use bundles of pre-cut fabrics—patterns like jelly rolls or charm squares. If you use pre-cut fabrics, you will save a lot of time and energy, which you would have spent preparing and cutting your fabric.

Choose free quilt patterns

You can go for a free pattern without a cost most especially if you are a total beginner. This will help you a long way as most of the free patterns are specifically designed with a newbie quilter in mind. However, the free quilt patterns are ideal for any level of quilters.

Enrol for a quilting pattern course

Whether you want to do quilting for your family needs, hobby or even a career, enrolling for a course is a great idea to learn basics, tactics and to prepare you in your quilting journey. A pro tip – when you start buying quilting patterns, look for ones that are labelled beginner patterns.  This will be easy for you as you can search by skill level. 

How to Make an Easy Quilt in a day

You might feel like you are working on the same work each day without it bearing fruits. In fact, some quitters might take years to complete a quilt, while others can make the same quilt within a day or week.

However, what if I tell you that you can make a quilt pattern within a day, depending on your chosen patterns? Check out the easy and fastest quilt patterns below.

  • Easy to piece blocks – are not only for advanced quilters but also great for beginners. You can use large blocks for quilting, pretty much like a quilt top queen size. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, but you can make the quilt top in a day.
  • You can use plus patchwork which is simple, easy, and quick to make, even if you have never tried it before. However, this depends on the size of your quilt.
  • You can also try the no batting beach quilt, which uses precise pre-cut fabric strips to stitch together, plus it is double-sided and no batting. You will love it because the quilts wash and dry fast.

Where do you buy Quilt Patterns?

Whether you are choosing applique pieced quilts, easy quilts, or more challenging, for traditional or modern use, buying your quilt patterns is not a big deal anymore. You can buy online like amazon, eBay, or even Plus, you can also purchase them from local quilt shops.

Tips and Tricks for Quilting Patterns

  • Choose complementary colors. You can choose opposite each other or next to on the color wheel.
  • The size of prints is crucial. For example, if you choose to do large-scale print, it will definitely look excellent on big blocks; however, it will be lost if you cut the fabric into small pieces.
  • If you have a favorite fabric, blend with more toned-down prints and plainer because your favorite will stand out.

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Q – How do you make a quilt for dummies?

A – Quilting is fun and sometimes stressful if you have no idea of where to start. However, the first crucial things you need to begin with are choosing your pattern, fabric, design, and whether you will use a machine or hand quilt.

Q – How to make a strip quilt block?

A – Gather all that you need. Cut your squares, place your first strip, sew them, continue sewing and trim.

Q – How to make a quilt with a 5-inch square?

A – Take your leftover fabrics and cut them into squares. Using a pattern of your choice, start making your desired quilt with the help of your machine or do it by hand.

Q – How to make a quilt with a pre-cut square?

Q – Making a quilt with precut squares is terrific and a creative way of making your quilt. You just have to collect all your precut fabrics, choose your pattern and start working on them.


Making a quilt pattern might seem difficult but with the above information of quilting patterns, everything is easy now. You can choose your preferred best quilting patterns from the list above and enjoy good work flow while making your patterns.

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